A Simple Guide to Decorating

Making an Impression

When choosing a decoration method for your promotional product you want the freedom of choice. Your imprint may require anything from a simple clean, crisp single spot color to a high-fidelity, full spectrum digital color treatment. It may even call for something special, like laser engraving, debossing, a complete wraparound or even a fully sublimated imprint. With this range of options your creative freedom is totally unlocked, restricted only by your imagination.

But making an impression with your promotional product is all about your intent. What’s your brand’s voice? What are you trying to say about yourself with your promotional product? How does it fit your overall brand or campaign narrative?

It can be a lot to consider, so here are some simple guidelines to finding the perfect product/imprint match for your brand.

My brand is bigger than life – we make a big impression on all those who experience it.

Suggested approach: full color, large format imprint for maximum visual impact

Dye sublimated table covers

Full dye-sublimated table covers; short of a highway billboard there’s no bigger, louder impression you can make!Custom wrap speakers

Speaking of loud, how about a fully custom wrapped branding experience, like these incredible speakers? If you want to shout your brand from the rooftop, this is the way to do it.


My brand is elegant – people know we’re best-in-class as soon as they see our logo

Suggested approach: the timeless, classic appeal of engraving

Laser engraved pens

The sophisticated look of an engraved metal pen never loses its appeal. Best yet, it’s one of the most cost effective solutions out there, especially when you consider the spend-per-repeated-impressions statistics.


Laser engraved drinkware

Laser etched drinkware has been used to commemorate achievements, milestones and special recognitions for years, so it’s little wonder that receiving one resonates so effectively with the recipient.

Tone-on-tone or spot UV decorating

Another wonderfully refined look is the tone-on-tone or spot UV imprint, where the glossy finish of the imprint reflects the light of your branding like a beacon. Subtle, yet absolutely stunning.

My brand is warm and friendly – we make a personal connection with all our fans

Suggested approach: use personalization to put their name next to your brand

Many of our products are available for personalization. You supply a list of name and we meticulously imprint them on each product. Available on a wide range of products including pens, drinkware, coasters, bags and – of course – name badges. If you want to make a personal connection with your fans, there’s no better way!

Remember that products with 1 piece minimums can also be considered as a means to personalization, as each one can have it’s own artwork design. Perfect for those small group personalized projects.

My brand is highly unique – there is no one quite like us

Suggested: a highly customized branding experience

Elevate your branding by going tactile – let them hold your brand in their hand. A lapel pin gets pinned by fans just over their hearts and announces their devotion. Backing cards are available to tell even more of your story. Custom keychains put your brand along for the ride. Both of these options are offered at a price that puts it in comfortably in the range of local, startup brand budgets.

My brand is no nonsense – we like to make maximum impact for our marketing dollar.

Suggested: high visual impact on a budget, 1 color imprint on a product with a high visibility color

How much pride do you have in your branding? Bold rainbow patterned and flashy iridescent products with a crisp one color imprint can’t help but be noticed.