New year, new styles! It’s time to broaden your style and color palette for 2023. Say goodbye to the basics and hello to exciting and creative new pieces that combine art and fashion on a whole new level. Need some inspiration? We’ve got you covered with our must-have pieces.

Thanks to all the innovative looks from last year’s fashion weeks, we have now had the opportunity to break down all the major trends we’re expecting to see this year. Y2K is still in full swing, with basics being at the forefront of the trends that give both bursts of cooler and statement prints too. From the hues of purple to baggy pants and plunging necklines, let’s look at the biggest trends for 2023.



A comfy deconstructed look for all your post-workout vibes, even if you’ve skipped the gym. The athleisure trend isn’t going anywhere! For the perfect ensemble, pair your joggers and tees with oversized hoodies, or layer up with an outerwear piece and jeans for a weekend brunch.

ADIDAS A268 & A267

Looking to pair basics with outerwear? This trend could completely elevate your wardrobe for 2023. Pair tees and fleece with the Columbia reflective-lining puffers as powerful statement pieces.

And that’s not the end of it! Puffer, bomber jackets, vests and windbreakers are all the rage, and we’ve got styles from adidas, Independent Trading Co., and Champion. Explore some of our must-have outerwear pieces to get the look.

Next up, we have the iconic V-neck, a must-have staple this year. Worn under a blazer, hoodie or windbreakers, the trend ultimately comes off as a stylish and intentional statement piece.

And it’s time to cut the sleeves, people, because vests are happening! Sleeveless pieces are another top contender for the year. The fad slowly pushed its way through 2022 and has now declared its spot on the runway for 2023. Many of the sleeveless looks incorporate embroidery and come at us in the forms of fitted or oversized tanks and puffer vests.


Bags & Accessories

Say au revoir to tiny purses because big bags are back! Tote bags are becoming an increasingly popular trend in fashion and are necessary for the environment with Canada’s Single-use Plastics Prohibition Regulations in effect. Check out our Q-Tees product offerings, which come in a variety of colours and sizes.

Take everything a step further and create a stylish head-to-toe-matching look with a cap, bucket hat or beanie. Discover our vibrant assortment of headwear from brands like Sportsman, Valucap, Atlantis Headwear, and many more to add to your 2023 wardrobe.


Pantone’s Color of the Year

The Pantone Color of the Year program was originally created in 1999 by the Pantone Color Institute. The intentions were and are to promote an international colour that admirers and designers can talk about, from its connection to culture to its uses in design and fashion. This year’s colour is Viva Magenta!

Magenta is a courageous and bold colour that offers wearers the freedom to take risks with enthusiasm and confidence. It’s not just a colour—it’s a mood and vibe on a global scale.

2023 Trending Colours You Need in Your Closet

Keeping in mind that black has always been a classic staple in everyone’s closet and a best-selling colour in the promotional industry, the shade has been notably spotted time and time again in top-to-bottom-layered outfits on the runway.

Bold and desirable shades of purple will continue throughout the year. From magenta to mauve, lilac to juniper, the trend has been notably more popular in Europe but is making its way across the ocean to North America. Following Pantones Color of the Year award, it is certainly a trend favourite.

After the rise of hot and baby pinks brought about by the barbiecore trend in 2022, the time has come for softer and quieter tints of Baby Blue, and we’ve got hues for you! Explore a selection of our gentle blue tones.

Striking and daring, red is a powerful shade that certainly make a statement. Don’t play it safe this year; explore the hues of red with confidence; it should not be overlooked!

From keeping it neutral with soft beige tones to delving into those warm, earthy browns, these hues will be prominent in the fall and winter seasons. Whether you need something for a lazy Sunday or a stylish day outfit, you can never go wrong with head-to-toe shades of deep browns, vibrant greens, moody greys, and classic camels.

Here’s another earthy tone for you; Amazon is a force of nature characterized as a “lush and fertile broadleaf green.” This is a colour so captivating, it’ll be hard to miss.

Finally, loud and vibrant technicolor hues like neon greens, acid yellows, and bright oranges will play a big role in 2023’s winter and summer fashions. Explore our radiant product offerings to get the look!


It’s safe to say that 2023’s trends are full of vibrant and bold colors. This year is all about making a statement and taking risks, so don’t forget to check out our product offerings for tons of inspiration to elevate your basics game!!